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CLIP Wheelchair with stabilising back & headrest function (Model VCWK7C).
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CLIP Wheelchair with stabilising back & headrest function (Model VCWK7C).

Clip Wheelchair with stabilising back & headrest function for general use comfortable and versatile wheelchairs for people with reduced mobility, for use at home and for strolls.

Product characteristics

Foldable aluminium frame with lateral reinforcement (cross construction),
Detachable, anti-bedsore upholstery made of memory foam equipped with waterproof cover,
Velcro® straps allow to adjust seat and backrest depth, two mechanisms of angle adjustable backrest – for a patient and for a caregiver,
Adjustable wheelbase,
Safety belt,
Lifted, detachable, angle adjustable footrests and calf pads,
Adjustable position and height of rear wheels,
Height adjustable footrests,
Adjustable height of front wheels axle,
Detachable, height adjustable armrests made of soft, comfortable and easy to wash fabric,
Smooth regulation of armrest horizontal position, rear barrier which provides additional stabilization and facilitates folding the wheelchair, bottom barrier protects the wheelchair from folding during use,
Height adjustable handles,
Detachable height and angle adjustable headrest,
Brakes of adjustable strength,
Aluminium handrims,
Full front wheels 200x45,
Pneumatic quick-release rear wheels 24’’, rear, height adjustable anti-tip wheels,

Wheelchair with stabilising back & headrest

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