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SCRUBBY powered wheelchair (Model PCBL 1220/1420).
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SCRUBBY powered wheelchair (Model PCBL 1220/1420).

Motor 2x300 W
Batteries 2x50 Ah
Maximum speed 12 km/h
Range* 25 km
SCRUBBY powered wheelchair (Model PCBL 1220/1420).
Turning radius 95 cm
Lenght 100 cm
Width 56 cm
Weight 83 kg
Maximum capacity 80 kg

Catalogue number: PCBL1220, PCBL1420

Movable controller enabling a caregiver to control the power chair,
Aluminium rims,
Removable footrests with calf support,
Electrically adjustable seat inclination 10 (max 18cm),
Shock-absorbing, aluminium frame,
Adjustable seat width and depth,
Foldable reclining backrest,
Positioning belt,
Soft cushion,
Height adjustable armrest,
Length adjustable footrest,
Complete set of driving lights,
Freewheel mode,
Adjustable, movable controller (left/right side of the power chair),
Rear anti-tip wheels,
9 front caster wheels,
14 rear pneumatic wheels,
Headrest (optional).

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