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Convertible mobile chair Mobilizer® MEDIOR Patient Transfer Chair
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Convertible mobile chair Mobilizer® MEDIOR Patient Transfer Chair

The Medior affords continuous movement from a lying position via a sitting position to a standing position. This familiar movement pattern which patients know from getting up gives them a sense of security.

H 1900mm W 570mm D 500mm SH 660mm

A position-independent height adjustment system ensures ergonomic work processes and facilitates the positive psychological aspect of being “at eye level” with the patient and their environment.
The viscoelastic padding relieves pressure and protects the skin. Easy-to-clean and disinfectant-proof artificial leather (Skai®) was chosen as high-quality surface material.
Swivelling armrests afford no-barrier patient transfers to and from the Medior even when the backrest is in tilted position.
Using the height-adjustable footrest, the Medior can be adapted to patient size.

Reha & Medi Hoffmann GmbH is a German company in the field of professional medical epuipement for therapy and care. Together with our partners from hospitals and universities we develop and produce unique products to meet the requirements in todays professional

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