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DynaLAL True Low Air loss Mattress Replacement System.
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DynaLAL True Low Air loss Mattress Replacement System.

The DynaLAL mattress replacement system combines 3-1 alternating and true low air loss features for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. With multiple pressure reduction features, simplicity of functional control, modulized quick-disconnect components design, the DynaLAL Mattress Replacement System effectively manages bedsores and wins the hearts of the cared, the caregiver, and the service persons.

Unique Features:-

True Low Air loss Technology through 72 openings (standard) on the air cushions, constant air distributes equally under a vapor-permeable cover, removing moisture away from the wound and creating a dry healing environment.

Deep Cell 3 to 1 Alternation Therapy 18 (standard) independent 8 inch high cells inflate and deflate in a 3 to 1 cycle, creating maximum support for the patient by 2/3 of the air cushions.

Comfort Level, 8 comfort levels for different weight ranges.

Static Mode provides constant low-pressure and acts as an alternative to alternating mode.

Auto Firm quickly inflates the mattress with a simple push of a button for rapid installation and nursing requirements.

Auto Alarm visual and audio alarms in the event of power failure.

CPR quick-Release Valve deflates the torso section in less than 30 seconds in the event of medical emergencies.

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