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Part of contract furniture suppliers, PFI Holdings, we supply quality contemporary furniture to offices, hotels, and hospitals. Our quality furniture is designed and made by leading European manufacturers.

Our service includes delivery throughout Europe direct from the factory to site. (ask about our special "Fast-track" delivery service). Installation and maintenance programs are available to ensure that long-term strength and product durability is maintained. Quality and strength combined with fitness for purpose is the minimum basic requirement to enable manufacturers access to

Pricing Policy

We have a pricing policy that allows for some volume discounting. However, our aim is to provide products and services at the very best price possible, whilst allowing manufactures the margins necessary to ensure funds are available for new product design and investments in manufacturing and service.

Value for money does not mean a low cost product but a realistic value for the quality of the goods and services being provided. Discounts of 50-70% are unreal and are normally the result of an inflated list price! We have therefore dispensed with any price comparison and allow you to judge the value for money against quality and product design.

Each product is priced in Sterling inclusive of 17.5% vat, in most cases we will include delivery within this price but it will depend on volume. Small quantities may incur a contribution to transport costs!

We can invoice in most currencies and all prices are subject to exchange rates.

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